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Why Traceability?

Why traceability?

Sedna is a robust ecosystem that encompasses what the seafood supply chain desires. A traceability system that is not only end consumer facing, but holds each link in the supply chain accountable for their actions. Beginning with harvesters, which Sedna believes is the backbone of the industry, each harvester or farm is accountable for the product they provide. Emerging live, fresh, and frozen seafood markets globally are seeking reliable seafood supply chains that deliver consistent product integrity and unmatched quality. In order to attract and retain consumers, suppliers in distribution and retail jeopardize their reputation based on the product they source. This complexity and business decision should not be based on a sales call alone. If you have a better product, it is time to prove it. So, what if there was a way to see the product history from sea to plate and the conditions in which it was stored and transported?

Enter Sedna.

Traditional complex supply chains have allowed for fragmentation leading to wastage in the industry. Whether it is mortality of live products or increases in temperature during transit leading to spoiled fresh or frozen product, it has become a major concern. We are now stretching the limits on seafood distribution where products are introduced into “unchartered” territories, leading to an increase in wastage. Due to increased transit times, high or low ambient temperatures or increased handling. The rise in global seafood demand has also brought on more challenges; the challenge of mislabelled and IUU seafood products reaching the consumer market. A recent article discussing the concern and need for a stringent traceability system brings music to Sedna’s ears. Sedna allows for all links in the supply chain to gain provenance of the product as well as ensure product integrity through her unique IoT sensing capabilities.

So why traceability in the seafood supply chain? Satisfy the increasing awareness of consumers helping you to market your premium product directly, even in the most distant markets of the world. Traceability can decrease wastage in the industry, resulting in a higher price to harvesters and farmers as shrinkage is minimized and by ensuring your products are held at optimal conditions throughout their journey from sea to plate.

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