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We are currently hiring a Project and Customer Success Lead!


Brendan Carrigan
"I get satisfaction from guiding customers to getting the most out of our platforms"

Technical Support Lead

Brendan Carrigan is the Technical Support Lead at Sedna Technologies. Whether it’s help with changing a water quality slide or on hand assistance with an implementation, he assures that clients have all the help and support they need. Brendan wants clients to feel as comfortable as he is when using technology. Born and raised in Halifax with a brief stint on the South Shore and Calgary, Halifax is home for Brendan. When he is not working, he enjoys playing and writing music, finding a decent bike trail in the woods or taking Duke out for a hike.


Moira Frier

"I love exploring the coast, meeting with customers, and learning something new about seafood every day"

General Manager

Moira is a true multi-tasker who enjoys contributing to many different roles within the company – including sales, marketing and project management. She has the ability to analyze diverse business operations and provide results-oriented solutions that lead to improvements. She is a local Nova Scotian who loves working in a fisheries industry that is so intrinsic to her regional identity. Her favorite part of the job is visiting and building relationships with her clients to understand their unique business needs. Outside of work, Moira is a vocalist in a seven-piece band and is currently writing and recording her solo album.

Moira has a background in Human Relations from Concordia University and graduated with honours in the Industrial Engineering Technology program at Nova Scotia Community College. She has a Bachelor of Engineering Technology in Manufacturing from Cape Breton University. 


Aleksandr Stabenow
"Seeing how we have a positive impact on operations and animal welfare  motivates me to push every day"


Since graduating from St FX University, with a Business Administration degree and a major in Leadership Management, Aleksandr has honed his passion for international product development, product diversification, sales, and marketing. He started his career with the Campesino Committee of the Highlands (CCDA) in Guatemala. Aleksandr worked with a team responsible for the procurement, production, and global exporting of organic coffee, organic honey and macadamia nuts. Additionally, he was responsible for researching new methods of financing for local development projects. After returning to Canada, Aleksandr focused on developing and implementing digital solutions to automate core business functions at the large enterprise level. After gaining, experience across Canada and into the U.S., he decided to get back to his roots. Being from the South shore of Nova Scotia Aleksandr saw how improvements could be made through technology on the seafood supply chain. This new focus on sustainability and increasing the value of commercial fisheries and aquaculture lead to the creation of Sedna Technologies. Now leading Sedna Technologies as Co-Founder and CTO, he is providing innovative solutions to enhance and elevate the seafood supply chain from catch to plate.


Sheamus Macdonald

"Working with local companies who have a global impact is something I'm proud of at Sedna Technologies"


Sedna Technologies comes from humble beginnings as both founders are native Nova Scotian’s growing up along the coast and have been actively involved in the fishing industry for a number of years. Co- Founder Mr. Sheamus MacDonald is a graduate of the Aquatic Resources Management program from St. Francis Xavier University followed by a master’s degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Marine Studies; Fisheries Resource Management. Mr. MacDonald operates as the Chief Executive Officer of Sedna Technologies. Growing in a commercial fishing family, Sheamus has a wide range of expertise in the fishing industry as a commercial fishermen and industry consultant. Sheamus has been fishing commercially for 15 years with his father, off the coast of Nova Scotia. Growing up in a small rural community built with the commercial fishing industry as its foundation has allowed Sheamus to understand the importance of sustainability and innovation in the industry.


Innovate And Grow With Sedna

Co-op Program Graduates


Glen Creaser

Research Engineer

Rather than jumping directly into a fishing vessel to follow his family traditions, Glen chose to attend Queen’s University, where he is currently in his final year of his Applied Mathematics and Robotic Engineering Degree. This choice was driven by his passion for sustainability in the fishing industry and drive to provide a bright future for fishing families in the South Shore of Nova Scotia, like his own. He plans to bring an innovative mindset to the industry in order to help it last for years to come. Glen is a Research Engineer Intern at Sedna, working on predictive data analysis and algorithm development with aims to anticipate changes in seafood price


Mohit Kacha

Cloud Data Engineer

I am currently pursuing my Master of Applied Computer Science degree at Dalhousie University. As a graduate student at Dalhousie, I have majorly focused on areas like Software Development, Quality Assurance, Machine Learning, Web Development, Mobile Application Development. I have around 1 year of IT experience in Design, Development, Deployment and testing of Android application


Robie Gonzales

Software Developer

Robie is a Computer Science student at Dalhousie University. With an interest in web development, he is excited to expand and apply his knowledge on our mobile applications. In his free time, Robie enjoys playing music and skateboarding.


Aakash Patel

Cloud Data Engineer

Aakash joined the team as Cloud Data Engineer. He is Cloud and Data technicality enthusiast with an eye to solving key infrastructural issues. He is passionately curious in pursuing experience in learning new frontiers and exploring cutting edge state of the art technologies.
His flexibility to grasp new things and yearning for growth helps him evolve through the challenges that fall along the way. Currently in the task of setting up robust, resilient and scalable cloud infrastructure to support software applications in the seafood supply chain. In the free time you could find him in playing table tennis, swimming , watching TV series or enjoying music.”

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