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Sedna Technologies is Transforming the Lobster Industry

In the heart of Southwest Nova Scotia, the Lobster Capital of Canada, Sedna Technologies is leading a journey of modernization and their mission is clear: to integrate advanced digital solutions into the lobster sector, optimizing operations while respecting and preserving its rich heritage.

  • Tailored Collaboration - One size doesn’t fit all in the seafood sector. The system increased operational efficiency without disrupting AC Live’s established workflows.

  • Save Time - Reduced the time required to complete harvester settlements and financial reconciliation, allowing AC Live to quickly and accurately make payments to harvesters.

  • Less Paperwork - AC Live quickly saw the elimination of three daily hand-written reports, cutting down on the need for tedious paper-based data entry. 

Innovating with a Touch of Tradition 

AC Live Lobster, with its roots deeply embedded in the community, has long been a beacon of quality and tradition in the lobster industry with over 100 years of collective experience under its belt. Sedna Technologies, armed with an understanding of the industry's nuances and a respect for its legacy, embarked on a mission to streamline operations through digitization, thus enhancing efficiency without eroding the core values that define the sector. When you place an order with AC Live Lobster Inc, you’re dealing with a company that handpicks each lobster and inspects them for quality. They individually grade each premium quality lobster and package them according to customer’s requirements.

Explore a day in the life in Canada's lobster capital by watching AC Live's video: 

Our approach was grounded in collaboration. Working hand in hand with AC Live Lobster, we developed a customized solution that seamlessly integrated into their existing processes. This partnership highlighted the importance of listening and adapting to the specific needs of the industry, ensuring that the technology implemented was not just advanced but also relevant and respectful of tradition. 

Streamlining Operations, One Lobster at a Time 

One of the most praised features of our system is the payroll module, which has significantly reduced the time required for financial processing and increased overall accuracy. The ability to track harvests in real-time has been another game-changer, providing invaluable insights into daily operations and resulting in a huge reduction of paper trail reporting. Managing settlements for captains and crews is not an easy task in the seafood industry, Sedna’s module manages all inputs and deductions linked with the harvester's payroll, including digitized T4s, Record of Employment (ROE) and Year-to-date reporting. 

“The payroll portion of the program has saved me a significant amount of  time and is more accurate overall for the financial information needed. It’s also great to be able to see what has been harvested at any given day.”  - Charla Atwood, Administrator, AC Live Lobster.  

Looking ahead, Sedna Technologies remains committed to supporting the lobster industry in Canada's lobster capital. Our journey with AC Live Lobster underscores our dedication to innovation that respects and preserves tradition. As we continue to explore new avenues for optimization and growth, our partnership with AC Live Lobster serves as a beacon of how tradition and technology can coexist, ensuring the sustainability and prosperity of the industry for generations to come.

Learn More about our Harvester Settlements here:

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