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Sedna: Incentivizing the seafood supply chain

How Sedna provides value and incentives at every level of the seafood supply chain. Sedna’s ecosystem functions around the core principles of traceability, validation and real-time condition monitoring. This allows ample amounts of trustworthy & robust data to be collected from harvester through to consumer; sea to plate. Big Data collection is fantastic for keeping digital records and allows users to gain visibility into processes, but this isn’t enough. There needs to be business intelligence and automation processing that data and providing meaningful, predictive analysis in real-time. This is where the Sedna ecosystem really begins to excel. As we move into the next generation of seafood supply chain management, it is important to consider how to incentivize all stakeholders involved so participation flourishes and data is rich. Here’s how Sedna is doing it…. Harvesters This is the backbone of the supply chain and has the demand for a full suite of software to run their business. Holding, trading and tracking product can be taxing for every harvester and can influence product quality.Here in Canada there is a push for digitization of traditional paper logbooks, a requirement of a commercial fishing license. addition to this there is other processes harvesters are handling by pen and paper which easy to use technology can address. This is why our harvester application allows harvesters to perform several functions as well as provide ongoing intelligence based on the amount of data collected. Our harvester app or “ Sedna-Catch Management System(CMS)” allows for: 1: Purchasing bait, fuel and other critical supplies directly from their suppliers. 2: Catch submission to dockside buyers (allows for real-time alerts at dock receptions) 3: Successful submission of Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) logbook criteria. 4: Automated payments from confirmed catch submissions to dockside buyers . 5: Automated banking and accounting Services for harvesters and farmers. Our current list of functions is growing and diversifying , we will be implementing real-time alerts for North American Right Whale sightings as well as artificial intelligence for identifying and validating species. From our growing list of features, it is easy to see how Sedna saves the busy harvester valuable time and money all in one easy to use application.

Buyers/Processors/Exporters/Importers/Distributors These are the value adders and marketers, they are tasked with adding value,executing critical logistics and facilitating the crucial nexts steps of supply chain management. This is a gigantic responsibility and although large amounts of data collection is important, effective data aggregation and meaningful insights is what provides real value to these major players.With a focus on core ERP functionality working harmoniously with real-time condition monitoring sensors, the Sedna ecosystem provides true visibility and money saving intelligence.Although it may be impossible to exhaust the list of modules which Sedna provides here are a few crucial functions we provide for our buyers, processors & exporters. 1: Production planning. 2: Storage, water quality and condition monitoring in real time to ensure product integrity from sea to plate. 3: Cold chain logistics/ chain of custody. The ability to audit damaged goods claims within seconds. 4: Core ERP & accounting functions. 5: Tracking supply inventories of bait, fuel, equipment and distribution. 6: Automation at every level; the use of IoT sensors to eliminate human error throughout the facility. End Consumer Although there is growing pressure with international regulation on traceability, there is also opportunities to communicate your quality directly with the end consumer. Large e-commerce players such as and are looking to make new partnerships with seafood companies who focus on traceability & sustainability. This is a big opportunity for Canadian exporters to cash in on and grow revenues by integrating into these enormous global supply chains. Tracking your product once it gets through your doors may be sufficient for now, but not for long and not for Sedna. With our RFID tags and sensors we provide immutable information to importers and distributors so they can buy and sell Canadian seafood with ease and confidence. In addition to this we create a customized experience for the end consumer. They simply scan a QR code and receive branded information of the provenance and supply chain cycle from sea to plate.We allow this experience to be customizable to effectively brand the distributer while proving quality through our strict traceability ecosystem behind the scenes. Let Sedna go to work for you and become part of a new age of seafood trading.


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