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Tired of Guessing Inventory?

Thousands of crate moves, grade transformations and packing orders are automated and accounted for in real time with Sedna’s RFID Inventory System

Lobster is by far the most valuable Canadian Seafood Export, but currently the industry has high levels of waste in both time and resources.

Harvested out of the ocean, lobster is accounted for at the dock level. Most players in the fisheries industry currently record on paper first and then manually enter that information into a spreadsheet. This is a tedious process that results in high levels of human error. Where data is only processed periodically; it creates a gap in information.

Nova Scotia has recognized this and is upping its game on lobster quality standards.

An internationally recognized quality standard for holding lobsters in Nova Scotia will be among the new regulations for the recently amended provincial Fisheries and Coastal Resources Act. Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, Keith Colwell said in a recent artice with the Chronicle Herald: “The goal is to determine where our member companies can make technology improvements that will maintain and enhance product quality and address efficiency and labor short falls.”

Born here in Nova Scotia with a background in commercial fisheries and fisheries resource management, co-founders Aleksandr Stabenow and Sheamus MacDonald saw an opportunity to help modernize the seafood industry. Sedna aims to increase product integrity, enable proper inventory management systems and decrease losses due to mortality, misplaced product and waste. Inventory management is so important, especially when you’re looking to get consistent, quality product to market.The company recently developed an RFID inventory management system catered specifically to helping lobster pounds improve traceability and enhance product quality of live lobsters.

Sedna’s RFID Shop Floor Inventory Management System

The Sedna module provides crate level traceability and will indicate when and where your products are in real-time, their volumes, locations as well as provide a complete digital history of the movement of your products.

How does it work?

Rather than recording information on paper, information is inputted directly through Sedna’s mobile app. RFID tags are scanned and placed on individual crates of lobsters.

The information feeds into a centralized database which can be viewed by the administrative staff through various reports and dashboards. The data is automatically uploaded to the office in real time, eliminating the need to reconcile paperwork.


  • Ability to track inventory in, internal movement and inventory out

  • Track volumes of inventory in each individual tank at any given time

  • Logging of historical data and circumstances

  • Crate level traceability of graded versus ungraded levels of inventory

  • Improved back office shipping and sales functions.

  • Cloud based system provides access anytime, anywhere!

Here is an informative step-by-step breakdown of our easy to use application

The Sedna system increases the transparency of your supply chain and eliminates waste. It documents and provides valuable business intelligence on the quality of your products from each harvester Sedna Technologies is playing a huge role in helping Atlantic Canada become leaders in oceans technology.

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