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Sedna Water Quality Reference

Woods Harbour Lobster is a long-standing name in the live lobster industry, internationally renowned for attention to quality and sustainability.

When managing millions of pounds of Atlantic Canada’s most precious resource, It’s important to ensure holding and shipping conditions are pristine.

Four months ago Sedna Technologies water quality monitoring sensor and software were installed at one of the main holding tanks. One of these tanks can have 100’s of thousands of pounds of lobster in it at any given time. Lobsters immediate health as well as future quality can be affected by exposure to things like ammonia levels from some dead lobsters or excrement in the tank.

Sednas water quality module takes several readings per hour, This means accuracy is increased over time and healthy water quality baselines are established. From these baselines, they were able to note when issues arise in the tank “ With Sednas app, We can see when the ammonia begins to go up, this allows us to find issues before larger problems or loss occurs ”

– Peter Stoddard – International Sales Manager –

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