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Why Fisheries ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) Software ?

Fisheries ERP and Traceability

Over the last few years, a whole new collection of seafood brands come on the market. One of the most prominent, though, has been Nova Scotia’ decision to create its own seafood brand. While some believe it will only cause issues across the marketplace, others are clear to see that the quality of the brand is well worth investing in.

From the Halifax Airport cargo hanger, Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister, Keith Colwell, opened up to the floor about the reasons why this creation has been put in place. With a whopping $150,000 invested into the market to help Nova Scotia truly stretch out on its own, this is a major investment in the seafood industry of Nova Scotia.

This high quality product is one of their most important changes in recent years, and will look to help make sure that people know where – and who – they are buying food from. With stringent checks to help make sure that food comes exactly from where it claims, the new Nova Scotia brand is likely to make a huge difference to the Canadian seafood industry.

Some might feel a little confused about what it all means, but it should ensure that quality, consistency and credibility can be put in place as soon as possible.

What Makes A Quality Seafood Brand?

Without doubt, one of the most important parts of the long-term future of the seafood industry is quality control. Seafood is very easy to contaminate or to be unsuitable to specific uses and markets. Thanks to ERP software like Sedna, it’s easier than ever for people to capture these problems long before they become an issue.

Tracking and traceability in the seafood industry is absolutely vital to making sure deliveries are of the quality claimed. Since this is able to help people fully understand the seafood provided to them, Sedna. is a must in the industry for those who care about quality. For example, the quality of seafood branding – like the example above – all comes down to the quality and consistency in finding high-quality seafood.

Lobsters, for example, can be tracked and traced to find out everything from when they are caught across the global market. This makes it easier to know the real quality and freshness of any lobster delivered; is up to the standard and freshness that you feel comfortable using.

This would help you to very easily cut down on the amount of wastage through the supply chain. Using the platform correctly, you can easily make sure that all seafood can run with a higher value and with an absolute minimum in wastage. If you are looking to help optimize your connection to the seafood supply chain, then you absolutely should look to make the most of ERP software like Sedna.

This system works to help solidify brand quality and make you far more attractive to new and old buyers. If you are looking to make sure that your goods are safe and meet brand satisfaction levels, this is a vital starting point. Do this right, and you’ll be far more likely to see lasting, genuine success.

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