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Seafood Operations During COVID-19

Needless to say the seas have been turbulent in the seafood industry over the past few months with the emergence of COVID-19. Beginning in December with Asia closing down and the U.S. just starting to close down, it has left many stakeholders within the industry wondering what to do next. Although it is difficult to predict when this crisis will end, we have been working diligently with our clients on how to best leverage our technologies and services during this time.

Most companies in the seafood industry have had to scale back operations as well as lay off workers. The reason for this is that there is less day to day work to do in terms of inventory management and order fulfilment. However, there is still product to be monitored in live holding tanks as well as processed products in freezers and fridges. Facilities are having to hold products in larger volumes and for a longer period of time, Sedna’s water quality solution and cold chain monitoring have been key in maintaining efficient quality control. With safety being the number one concern for companies at this time, our remote monitoring solutions have empowered our clients to work from home with only having to go to the facility if they are notified of an issue. This has allowed our clients to alleviate stress levels when reducing a workforce and still being confident that their product is safe and sound.

Taking stress off of labour operations is one of the assets we have been providing. Additionally, company management is using this time to increase efficiencies internally to prepare for the upswing on the other side of this downturn. From production planning to inventory management, leaders of seafood organizations are looking at how they can become more effective and efficient. With our cloud based software our clients are able to review past years productions in real time with their entire team from the comfort of their home.

Using this time to visualize new opportunities is essential, this is why we have been busy working one on one with our clients to ensure their operations continue to run smoothly during these times. Our cloud based ecosystem not only allows our clients to collaborate but also allows us to provide ongoing insight and planning for when this crisis ends.

To learn more about how we can help your organization now and in the future, please feel free to reach out to one of our representatives at (902) 903-6424 or contact us on our website.

Stay safe and be well,

The Sedna Team

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