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New General Manager at Sedna in Norway

The Canadian seafood tech company Sedna Technologies has appointed Mia Guttorm Moseng as General Manager of its subsidiary in Stavanger, Norway. Sedna recently launched Sensor Globe as a new wireless concept for monitoring water quality and fish welfare, particularly for live fish transfers and handling.

Surprisingly, we received more than 60 job applications, including many experienced people from the oil and gas industry looking for a major career change. Aquaculture in Norway is slowly but surely becoming the top future industry to work in. Especially for young people if you judge by all the applications for aquaculture education.

Consequently, we decided to hire a young and promising woman with a professional aquaculture education, farm trainee experience from both Mowi and Grieg Seafood, and a lot of energy and passion for aquaculture.

Trond Severinsen, who is the company’s Norwegian Partner, says that he was himself hired at a young age at Sea Farm Trading AS in Norway in 1984. For me it is now very rewarding to be able to pay this forward and give other young people the same opportunities in this fantastic industry, he says. Norwegian salmon pioneer Bjørn Myrseth took a chance and believed in me 37 years ago, and for that I am forever grateful.

Mia is born and raised north of the Arctic Circle in Norway and has just completed her bachelor’s degree in Aquaculture Operations and Management at Nord University, and before that studying biological chemistry at the University of Stavanger.

If you add that to completing her 1-year mandatory military service as the only firewoman among 49 firemen at Norway’s main Ørlandet Airforce Base – Fire and Rescue Service, then you know that this is no ordinary woman! This should at least prevent any need for firefighting in this job, concludes Severinsen with a smile.

My job as mentor and senior partner in the company is now to share my long international experience with her and build Sedna Technologies globally, together with our great colleagues in Canada. Mia will start her new job on May 3rd alongside BluePlanet’s offices at “Måltidet’s Hus” in Stavanger.

Attached photos: Free use as long as photo credits are given to Sedna Technologies.

For more information, please see or contact:

  • Canada: Sheamus MacDonald (President). Mobile: +1-902-318-0631. E-mail:

  • Norway: Trond Severinsen (Norwegian Partner). Mobile: +47-923 35 041. E-mail:

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